Company History

4420_mcintyre_streetLocated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, Colorado, the Ringel Company has over 10,000 square feet of machine shop floor space.  Over the past ten years, our business has grown from a small home based business to operating in a commercial location with many business-to-business clients.

We started our business running manual machines providing quality products and services to our clients.  Over the years, we have reinvested in our business and now offer many more machine tool capabilities.  Our first Haas CNC milling machine arrived in 2009 changing our business and vision for the future.  Now we operate a variety of precision CNC machines and continue to set our goal on expanding our business in new areas.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on having multiple customers who are specific about using the Ringel Company.  Many companies that call the front range of Colorado home and others throughout all of the west use our services.  The front range is a land of great mountains, vast agriculture, and a mile high spirit, it is also full of design conscious folks who know how to take care of each other and themselves.

Denver is more than 1900 miles from any major port making us indispensable from a manufacturing stand point to be self sufficient. We are glad to serve the most important western customer with the best quality tools and services in Colorado.

This is Ringel Company country.

What about equipment?  When you think of a machine shop, most folks think of saws and drills.  However, one must think beyond this to the most advanced computer designs manufactured on the most state of the art CNC equipment.  In the front range, we have what amounts to the most important machining capabilities by having the Haas GR510 with a table 61” by 121”.  In recognition of our customers needs we also provide full 4-axis machining.

Wether it is on our manual machines or our most advanced CNC equipment every part is cared for through our quality control to met or exceed your standards.  The Ringel company has not been afraid to try something new to better our services or performances with equipment to turn harder or machine greater area, we are able to do greater things with less time.

Our company offers greater assurance with proven equipment and techniques such as keyseating, tight tolerance bores to rebuilding and refinishing with time proven manual equipment for your most difficult needs.  By figuring out a way to maximize machining with a fourth axis to using a large tabled machine we are able to reduce cost and increase quality.

We do compete with other shops but the Ringel company does not take a back seat to anybody with the advanced tools we have and the way we use them.  Our clients want speed, low cost, and reliability in a durable product but they also want dependability from a superior product and service.  A shop full of tools and people who know how to use them is how we are able to provide our customers with the lowest cost.

Our Team

Not all engineers sit behind a desk in front of a computer.  At our company they make the parts, they design to find ways to improve and refine, just as one CNC machine does not make a machine shop it is the combination of equipment and personnel that operates and programs CNC machines that makes the most demanding time sensitive jobs run on time.

Everyone knows that an ideas effectiveness has to do with great design and thorough manufacturing.  It is the people with the experience who can program these great machines to preform better than expected on different tasks which are out of the ordinary.

Although our standards are high we make sure the machines we purchase are up to the task to preform for use infallibly.  For instance our American made equipment and software is backed by a dealership network and technical support teams.

We also have seamless integration with outside vendors to accomplish tasks such as water jet cutting, laser cutting, flame cutting and powder coating.

Our staff aims to make every part of CNC technology meaningful.  We give the best machining, fabricating and design services.

Muscles and minutes are saved when, men and machines team up to make jobs easier and safer.